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High definition brows are coming to Beautylicious soon. Our Lash lifting, brow shaping and tinting treatments are tailored to your needs and always popular with our customers.

Lash Lifting

Lash Lifting offers the perfect alternative to high maintenance extensions; using your own lashes to create that perfect lifted and volumised look.

They are ideal to suit brides on your wedding day, for holidays, proms or for everyday wear. It really helps to open up the eye and lift any appearance of heaviness which can makes the eyes look droopy.

Customised silicone patches are placed over the top of your eyes and the top lashes are adhered vertically up on top of the patches, I then apply a lifting solution and setting solution. You have a choice of 3 levels of lift which will depend on the condition and length of your lashes together with the size and shape of the eyes. We will discuss this in your full consultation and tailor the treatment to your requirements.

The treatment will last you for around 6-8 weeks and requires some minor aftercare to ensure the health of the lash after your appointment; by means of applying a nourishing oil and prevention of the lashes becoming in contact with very hot steam or water 24 hours after.

You will require a patch test to ensure I have minimised any chance of a reaction occurring at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

The cost of this treatment is £35.00 (or £40.00 if you would like an eyelash tint also) and it will take 45-60 minutes to carry out.

Please also note that the client is required to have the eyes closed at all times throughout the treatment and contact lenses will always need to be removed.** out more about this fantastic treatment by entering this web address or clicking the link!

Eye Brow Shaping

I can use various methods of hair removal on the brows such as threading, waxing or plucking. This will depend on your skin type, hair colour and the desired look you wish to achieve.

Waxing is very good for removing tiny fair hairs, whereas threading is very precise and more suited to sensitive skin. We can discuss these options in your consultation to ensure that you are receiving the right treatment for you.

Lash and Brow Tinting

I use Refectocil tinting products in all of my treatments as I can provide 6 different shades to ensure that I have the correct shade to suit all skin and hair colours. Please ensure that all new clients receive a patch test with my products (as these can vary from other salons) at least 24 hours prior to your tinting appointment.