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Verity Edwards-Flaherty

To me, phytopeel is not just a product it’s a huge part of my skin routine. I have always stuffed with my skin especially on my face with dryness, flaking and even eczema. I have worked for lots of different brands and tried so many different exfoliators to try and correct this problem. However due to my skin being so sensitive any scrub are too abrasive and leave me red faced for days. This where for me phytopeel changed my skin regime completely.


Phytopeel is one of the high performance exfoliation which eliminates   impurities with no grains for greater gentleness, giving clear and radiant complexion. This exfoliator continues to amaze me due to it being suitable for any skin type and only needed to be used once or twice a week.  In phytopeel what helps work its magic is Green clay which absorbs impurities and purifies the skin.  Phytopeel is also one of the only exfoliators that is so gentle you can exfoliate around the eyes.

This cream based exfoliator makes my skin feel soft, healthy and smooth and it’s safe to say I am completely obsessed! I would recommend this product to anybody that’s struggling with their skin regime! It’s completely changed the way my makeup applies to my skin and my overall complexion!



Directions of use:

·        Use once and twice a week

·        Apply a generous layer to your face and neck

·        Allow to dry

·        Gently massage, using upward circular movements

·        Remove excess with cotton pad soaked in Tonifying lotion.


Written by Emily