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Our all new informative blog, where you can pick up some beauty tips, learn more about holistic therapies and find out what Verity's been up to at the salon lately.

Taking time for yourself

kerry keown

I was inspired to write this blog as I lay on a couch receiving a treatment myself for a change. Having that time to rest made me realise just how important it is for Mums to take a break and look after themselves.

I sometimes feel like a slave to my two boys and my ever growing business here at Beautylicious. I love my life and wouldn't change it but I rarely take anytime for myself. I don't often practise what I preach, everyday giving out aftercare as a holistic Therapist and stressing the importance of 'a healthy lifestyle' and 'taking time for yourself'.

Last Tuesday, a lovely client Tracy, who is also a Reflexologist, came to the salon and gave me a treatment. I was so overwhelmed with how effective it was and realised just how much I had forgotten the real benefits of reflexology.

I had slept so much of the weekend prior to my appointment and was so lethargic, something was clearly hanging over me from the epidemic of airborne viruses doing the rounds.

Afterwards, my head just felt so much clearer, the tension in my jaw & neck diminished almost straight away and a new wave of energy washed over me.

Reflexology may be used for many different types of health complaints as it can help to improve symptoms, but when you know you just feel out of sorts, the balance it brings to your body is incredible.

Homeostasis (whereby all of your systems are working in unison) is enabled so that the body's natural healing process can kick in and may improve general health and wellbeing.

To read more about the details of Reflexology, please click here.

Following this, I attended a full days training with Decléor to learn their 'relaxing mum to be treatment'. This included a wonderful body massage for pregnancy type symptoms (obviously I am not pregnant again!), a zesty butter mask treatment for the tummy where I was enveloped in a warming and nourishing wrap.

Whilst the mask worked it's magic there was also a 'Discovery Facial' where the products were tailored to suit my skin and then used to deliver a divine aroma massage which drain toxins and improve the skin's appearance.

Please look out for our fabulous body treatment menu coming soon!

Needless to say I was absolutely floating away after two successive treatment days! In fact, my legs would hardly walk me back to the car park they were so relaxed.

In the days after some 'me time' I have felt so much better; just from having that hour or two to relax and feel special for a change. My needs came first as I was in the therapist's careful hands and no demands were being made of me.

In turn, this has made me a better Mum, Wife, Boss..... I'm much calmer, settled, attentive, motivated, efficient....

I guess the moral of my story is that Mums have a hard time! Especially in modern times with two parents needing to work, bigger and better job opportunities, providing better educational opportunities for children and the pressures of 'perfect parenting'.

Just giving yourself a little time to relax and be kind to yourself can seriously improve your overall mental health and relationships with others, not to mention the overall health benefits that holistic therapies can bring.

(source Andi Puddicome on YouTube)

It is clinically proven that taking just 10 minutes per day for some 'me time' can dramatically improve your mental and physical health. Please consider this when choosing your mother's day present this year!

Verity xx