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Our all new informative blog, where you can pick up some beauty tips, learn more about holistic therapies and find out what Verity's been up to at the salon lately.

What makes your eyebrows grow?

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

The need to have fuller thicker looking brows has never been bigger. Gone are the days of overly plucked, thin, sparse brows. However, if you were a victim of the 90’s trend and have struggled to grow your brows back not all is lost. There’s no quick fix to make your brows grow, but here are our top tips here at Beautylicious for regrowing brows.

Bin the tweezers

An obvious one, but it’s time to ditch the tweezers (or worse, razors)! To avoid any more mistakes, leave it to your local HD Brows stylist at Beautylicious. You might think you’re only plucking the unruly hairs, but that one hair that looks to be out of the shape is actually where we want hair to grow. Over time more hairs will grow in the area, resulting in fuller looking brows.

It takes time and a lot of patience. All our HD Brows Stylists have been trained to the highest standards and will be able to advise you as to what areas you need to grow in in order to create a fuller brow. It might not be as much as you think.

Make an investment

Take the step and invest in a growth serum. The Lash and Brow booster is a must have for anybody trying to grow their brows. Used twice daily on clean, dry brows, this product will encourage and speed up the hair growth. It can take up to three months to see results so be patient and you will be amazed at what can be achieved after those months.

Learn how to fill them in while you wait

We get it – the urge to pluck can sometimes be too much when you’re trying to grow back your brows. Why not ask us for a mini make up lesson? We can share their top tips on how to fill in sparse areas while the hair is growing back. They’ll be able to find the perfect product for you and show you how to create the most natural looking finish. No one will know that you’re faking it until you make it.

Growing out your brows is definitely going to be a journey but with time and patience you can definitely achieve fuller brows.

Book in now for a HD Brows appointment!

How to have the ultimate cleansing experience!

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

From when you first wake up in the morning, to when you get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep in the evening, one of the most essential steps to have in any skincare routine is a cleanser. Cleansing is all about letting your natural skin shine through and Decléor’s Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse perfectly meets this demand. Great for those who are on-the-go and want a quick and easy cleanse that delivers exceptional results – this cleanser is the perfect addition to your skincare wardrobe.

Why should I cleanse my skin every day?

You may think a quick splash of water with a spot of soap is enough to cleanse your skin, however to keep skin healthy and hydrated a cleanser is a must-have. Cleansers aren’t just used to remove make-up, they also have other amazing benefits such as removing dead skin cells, as well as the build-up of oils, dirt and pollution from the skin. Throughout the day your skin is faced with all these different environmental factors, whether that be pollution from cars on the road, or sweat from a tough session at the gym. Using a cleanser ensures your skin maintains its beautiful, healthy glow as it washes away the impurities that have built up over the day.

Why Decléor’s Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse?

Perfect for those with busy lifestyles, this rich, concentrated triple-action cream cleanser contains a combination of outstanding active ingredients to leave skin feeling beautifully clean, smooth and plump. Being a 3-in-1 cleanser, it offers the ultimate cleansing experience by:

Ø  Deeply Cleansing

Ø  Polishing and perfecting complexion

Ø  Intensely Moisturising

If you love the feeling of water on your face in the morning and want a quick fix that leaves your skin looking flawless and smooth, then this is the cleanser for you.

How do I use Decléor’s Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse?

Stage 1: Cleansing Action

Squeeze one pump of the 3-in-1 Cleanser into your hands and add a small amount of water. Rub your hands together and you will see this rich, concentrated cream quickly lather into a mousse-like texture, creating tiny champagne bubbles. Apply the lather to your face and neck in circular motions.

Stage 2: Skin Polishing & Perfecting Action

Fruit enzymes and Japanese White Mulberry exfoliate and gently nibble away dull, dead skin cells to leave the skin crystal clear with visible clarity and luminosity.

Stage 3: Moisturising & Plumping Action

Using the power of Hyaluronic Acid - one of the iconic and most-loved ingredients in the skincare industry - this potent protein attracts and retains water to plump your skin giving it a soft, supple and youthful appearance. Néroli Essential Oil further enhances the skin by giving it a boost of hydration and radiance.

Stage 4: Remove Cleanser

Remove the mousse from your face with a warm damp muslin cloth or face flannel and see the instant results of clean, velvety soft, glowing skin.

What are the benefits Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse?

It’s no surprise that Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse is one of our Top 5 Most-Loved products with its instant, visible results. Your skin will be left enviably smoothed and radiant.

  •  Micro-exfoliation leaves skin looking refined. Your complexion appears smooth and visibly flawless
  •  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a youthful-looking glow
  • Deeply cleanses to leave skin silky smooth with a glass-like appearance
  •  Instantly skin feels healthy and glowing

Treat your skin to what it deserves and give it that added boost of radiance by adding the Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Cleansing Mousse to your everyday skincare routine.


Written by Emily Rose

6th September IPL Treatment Day!

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Fed up with waxing and shaving? Intense pulsed light or IPL hair removal provides a quick and painless solution to unwanted hair with a permanent reduction in hair growth that simply can’t be achieved with conventional methods.


How does it work?

Removal of hair using IPL works by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle with quick pulses of light. This light energy converts to heat within the follow down and be unable to produce a new hair.

This process is most effective in the ‘anagen’ phase of hair growth. Approximately 30% of hairs are in this stage of growth at any one time therefore, to achieve the most permanent results a course of treatments is required.

No IPL or laser system will ever achieve 100% permanent results. Normally 6-10 treatments may be needed. Any regrowth hair you do have will be softer and finer.



No damage to the skin surface, therefore no recovery time

Cooling handset means it’s practically painless

Large area can be covered compared with laser

Non invasive

Customised to the individual to get the best results possible

Obstinate hairs become finer, rarer and take longer to grow back

Achieve permanent hair reduction



We are doing a Microdermabrasion and IPL event day on Thursday 6th September.  Its half price to book in that day when you book in two treatments together! We are also offering exclusive offers on courses to be booked from that day onwards! We are also offering people a free consultation and patch test on the 6th! Why not come and get some more information by popping down on the 6th to Beautylicious or booking in!

Before your treatment make sure you have had your patch test!