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Our all new informative blog, where you can pick up some beauty tips, learn more about holistic therapies and find out what Verity's been up to at the salon lately.

What to expect when your having you first wax?

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Is it really going to hurt? Will it be embarrassing? What should I wear? If you’re going for your first ever wax we fully understand if questions like these are running through your mind, but let us clue you up, so you can feel confident and prepared for your treatment.

I don’t know if I can handle the pain of waxing

Intimate waxing, leg waxing and underarm waxing isn’t pain-free but it is bearable and quick – it lasts for only a few minutes and once it’s done you’ll be hair free for up to a month so it’s definitely worth the short-lived discomfort. If you’re concerned about it hurting, here are some tips on how to manage the pain of waxing.

1.      Think about your monthly cycle before booking in for your appointment. Waxing in the run up to your period can often feel more painful than at other times because hormone changes can make the skin feel more sensitive than usual.

2.      Exfoliate your skin a day before your treatment to remove the dead skin cells on the surface and reveal any trapped hairs. Smoother skin will also encourage the wax to glide on better and wrap around individual strands of hair so they can be successfully removed on the first try.

3.      Hold your skin taut during your waxing session to reduce the pain, especially around intimate areas like the bikini line. This will also help your therapist to work faster, again curbing any discomfort and getting the treatment over as quickly as possible.

4.      Keep chatting to your therapist to distract yourself from feeling uncomfortable.

5.      Sometimes a cold compress placed over any painful areas can help to soothe inflammation and immediate soreness.

6.      Ask for lots of after-care balm to be applied to your skin to alleviate discomfort. This is formulated to instantly soothe and soften the skin, post-waxing oils and balms act like healing salves on irritated skin that also reduce infection.

The mild discomfort of waxing is definitely worth it in the end though isn’t it? You get silky smooth hair-free skin for up to a month in return for a treatment that lasts less than an hour. Sounds like the perfect trade off!

What should I wear and where will I get changed?

Wear anything you like to your treatment. However, you might like to bring along a spare pair of knickers in case any wax gets on the one’s you’re wearing (you can keep underwear on for a basic or high bikini line wax but you will have to take them off or move them to one side for a Brazilian or Hollywood). Here’s more on what to wear to a wax. You’ll be given plenty of time to remove your clothing in private and get onto the treatment bed — a towel will be available to cover up any areas you don’t want to reveal.

I’m embarrassed about revealing my body

The embarrassment thing? No therapist will care about how hairy you are. They’ve seen everything from the coarsest leg hair to overgrown bikini lines and shaggy underarms – it’s their job to help you feel comfortable! And after all, if you weren’t hairy they’d be out of a job. As a beauty therapist we have seen every shape and size body and feel comfortable with all different sorts of clients so there is nothing to feel conscience about.

What happens during the treatment?

Your therapist will apply a touch of pre wax oil to your skin if it’s quite dry to help the wax work effectively. Then a thin layer of wax will be applied and a strip smoothed over it to catch your hairs. Your skin will be held taut before the strip is removed to reduce pain and encourage a smoother result.  

Therapists will chat to you as they work to help take your mind off the treatment and it’ll all be over before you know it. A soothing post wax oil or moisturiser will be applied to your legs, underarms or bikini area after your session, which will eliminate any sticky bits so you can put your regular clothes back on as normal.

Don’t be put off the therapist is there to help you with any worries or questions so make sure you ask.

Book in now for waxing with any of our great therapists:

Written by Emily Rose



What are High Definition Brows?

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

We here at Beautylicious are in love with our HD Brows brand and treatment! We can see  a brilliant transformation in a brow to help frame the entire face. 

HD Brows is a bespoke brow treatment, totally tailored to you. Every treatment starts with an in-depth consultation, so our Stylists here at Beautylicious can find out exactly what you want.

You wouldn’t wear a one shade suits all foundation so with HD their is a range of different colours. We use custom blended tint to ensure you get the perfect tone. Our unique tinting method catches all your fair, fluffy hairs to incorporate them into your brow shape for fuller brows!

We use a variety of hair removal techniques to create your desired brow shape. From defined and arch to fluffy and full, your Stylist will work to what you want.

Finally, your Stylist at Beautylicious will create the perfect finish with our award-winning make up range. They’ll show you how to fill in your sparse areas while you wait for the hair to regrow.

Brows are important and that’s why we believe in bespoke brows for everyone. Our Stylists at Beautylicious are trained to create the brows you want and that suit your style with not a brow stencil in sight!

Written by Emily Rose

hd brows.png

Key benefits to waxing

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Get longer lasting results

Shaving every day is annoying and it can leave your skin feeling dry, prickly and itchy as your hair grows back. Switch to waxing and you’ll only have to have a treatment once every four to six weeks! Waxing pulls each hair out from the root, unlike shaving which only cuts off the tips, so it takes far longer to grow back. When each hair does reappear it has a tapered tip so it feels finer and softer.


Save money

Ditching your razor will save you a tonne over the years, especially as your hair grows sparser and finer with regular waxing treatments (you’ll be able to space your sessions out further apart). Plus, waxing is far cheaper than other longer-lasting forms of hair removal like electrolysis and laser treatment.


Enjoy smoother skin

Waxing removes dead skin cells, therefore exfoliating the skin. This leaves behind smoother, brighter-looking skin that feels silky to the touch. Sick of the stubbly underarms and legs that come with shaving? Give waxing a shot and you’ll never go back to using a razor.


Give your skin a break

Tweezing, epilating, laser treatments and shaving can all leave sensitive skin feeling sore, irritated and painful. Waxing once a month saves delicate skin from these damaging forms of hair removal and allows the skin to return to its natural rested state.

Book in with us for your waxing for this summer!

Written by Emily Rose