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Harmonie Calm

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Struggling with sensitive skin?

Soothing your sensitive skin with Harmonie Calm is definitely the answer!

Sensitive skin is an ever growing issue for people in the UK, shown by a 222% increase in sensitive skin Google searches in the last 5 years. Knowing this, Decléor are there to help calm the nasty irritations you, as a consumer, may experience. Sensitive skin can be very irritable as well as also possess undesirable, visible symptoms such as redness, tightness, blemishes and dry patches.

What causes Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin can occur due to a number of reasons, with a significant one being external factors such as pollution and temperature. It happens when the skins natural barrier is broken down, by external aggression’s, which results in nerve endings become irritated.

What do Women Want?

Women try many ways to help prevent these irritations and we know that it is of great importance to them to find this solution. Women with sensitive skin are looking for 4 main outcomes from their skincare routine*:

·         Comforted Skin

·         Calm Skin

·         Soothed Skin

·         Reduced Skin Redness

If this is the relief you’re searching for, we can help. Whether you suffer from occasional reactions or sensitivity on a daily basis we can assist in reducing these symptoms.

Introducing you to Harmonie Calm Range

Botanical Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Harmonie Calm is Decléor’s new organic sensitive skin range, with a 100% natural origin and 2 organic certifications.

It’s made specifically for sensitive skin sufferers and created using the finest handpicked Rose Damascenas, with quality at the very heart of the products. This flower was selected after extensive research, to ensure that Decléor offer customers nothing but excellence in their ingredients as well as producing optimum results.

It was found that skin was 70% less reactive to external aggressions after use.**

**Self-assessment only on Aromessence Rose d'Orient Oil-serum - Tested under clinical control 54 subjects 28 days. 70% women feel their skin is less reactive to external aggressions (cold, heat, wind, air conditioning)

The range comprises of 3 products:

Organic Aromessence Rose D’Orient Soothing Comfort Oil Serum


91% of women said their skin didn’t flare up, felt less tight and tingled less upon trying the Aromessence Oil Serum.

·         One bottle contains an astounding 60,000 flowers to provide you with the best results.

·         Test under clinical control on 55 subjects with normal and dry skin for 28 days.


Soothing Comfort Organic Cream & Mask 2 in 1

·         79% of women noticed their skin redness seemed less visible. ††

·         Test under clinical control on 54 subjects with normal and dry skin for 28 days.


Organic Aromessence Rose D’Orient Soothing Comfort Night Balm

·         Easily absorbed and accelerates skin cell regeneration overnight.

·         These products combine powerful essential oils such as Rose, Chamomile & Geranium to soothe, even and stabilise your skin.

Triple Benefit: Organic, Vegan & for Sensitive Skin

The Aromessence Rose D'Orient Comfort Oil Serum and Soothing Comfort Organic 2 in 1 Cream & Mask both contain no animal derived ingredients. Veganism is becoming more widespread throughout the country with vegans making up an estimated 3.5 million of the UK population. If you’re vegan, you can rest assured that these products fit within your lifestyle.


Additionally, a very beneficial factor to sensitive skin sufferers, is the double organic certification the range holds. This is an accreditation only a handful of brands currently hold.


Ecocert is an organic certification organisation operating in over 80 countries and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Along with this, Decléor’s range also holds the Cosmetique Bio certification and are proud to be a part of the wider ethical approach to cosmetics.


You can be assured that the products are free from artificial chemicals and additives as well as know what ingredients you are putting on your skin. This is very important in allowing you to be confident in how your skin will react but also ensures you know what is in the premium products that is creating the lovely scent in your skincare.


If you find yourself suffering with sensitive skin and irritation, Harmonie Calm is created just for you. Leave your skin feeling soothed and looking calmed, providing you with a new sense of confidence.

Written by Emily Rose

Changing your skincare routine with the season!

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

From snowstorms in mid-March to England’s longest heatwave in five years, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is how you should be modifying your skincare routine.

This summer has reached record high temperatures for an unusually long period of time. This means your skin has been experiencing weather that it is not necessarily used to, including hot and humid environments to refreshingly cool air-conditioned spaces. So, what has this been doing to your skin and how should you go about protecting it?

Humidity increases the amount of sweat produced and released on to the skin, which can cause oiliness. Open pores increase the collection of dirt, oil and pollution particles, which can aggravate the skin. All of this can cause breakouts, eczema and even allergic reactions. If this isn’t bad enough for your skin, spending time in air-conditioned rooms also has its impacts. Air-conditioning reduces water levels in the outer layer of the skin, reducing its elastic properties, causing dryness. Sun damage has the biggest effect, drastically ageing skin, resulting in dark spots, dryness and wrinkles.

As a result of this, the first and foremost stage of your skincare routine should be cleansing. It is crucial to wash away any impurities and excess oil. Decléor's  Aroma cleanse 3 in 1 Hydra radiance cleansing mousse is the perfect way to do so, leaving skin beautifully clean, smooth and plump.

To prepare your skin for sun exposure, use the Aromessence solaire face oil serum.

Before exposing your skin to the sun, it is crucial to apply an SPF cream. An ideal product for the height of summer is the Aroma sun expert protective anti-wrinkle cream SPF30 face. Not only does it protect from UVA and UVB rays, it also prevents premature ageing.

Nobody really wants to be reminded that this scorching summer will come to an end at some point. However, as it does, temperatures and humidity levels will drop and the heating gets turned on. But, what does this do to your skin, and how can you protect it?

Throughout winter, your skin faces cold spells, icy winds and heating. Similar to summer, the drastic changes in temperatures from simply walking out of your warm house into crisp winter air has negative effects on your skin. Whether you crank the heating up inside or sit by a roaring fire, you expose your skin to very dry heat, leaving it in need of some serious TLC.

Yes, it is still crucial to cleanse your skin in winter, however, the most important step in your skincare routine should be moisturising. As a result of colder weather and dry heat, it is often wise to use a richer moisturising cream to repair dryness and prevent against further damage. Decléor’s hero, Hydra Floral Anti-pollution cream has moisture-boosting active ingredients to nourish your skin. For extra hydration, and optimal results, pair with an Aromessence serum to suit your skin type. Aromessence serums penetrate the skin to help nourish and restore skin for long lasting results.

But it’s not all doom and gloom: the sun doesn’t disappear altogether in winter. So, remember to apply an SPF 15 to protect your skin from the winter sun.

What is Neroli essential oil used for?

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

With all its benefits, using Bitter Orange Essential Oil in your skincare regimen can be greatly gratifying, whatever your skin type. Here are just a few of its rewards you can reap.


Hydrate: Neroli Essential Oil is a hydration powerhouse, with an incredible ability to soften, replenish and lock in moisture. Applied topically, this Bitter Orange Oil will provide your skin with a protective barrier to ensure that your complexion remains radiant and dewy all day long.

Revive: Bitter Orange Essential Oil’s powerful skin-reviving properties can help accelerate your complexion to the picture of radiant health, leaving you with skin that glows. Not only will Bitter Orange oil re-energize your skin, it targets the epidermis for the appearance of skin rejuvenation.

Purify: With its antibacterial properties, Neroli Essential is the ultimate cleanser, thanks to its purifying citrus elements. However, unlike other citrus Essential Oils like Lemon Oil or Sweet Orange Oil, it is not phototoxic so doesn’t increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. It is, therefore, the perfect ingredient to rejuvenate your skin all year round!



Rejuvenate your skin: When applied on the skin, Neroli Essential Oil intensely moisturises the skin and boosts the epidermis’ natural processes. To maximise this effect, look to other Essential Oils such as Green Mandarin Essential Oil for a targeting of wrinkles and fine lines.

Combat breakouts: Neroli Essential Oil comprises powerful antibacterial properties, which makes it a prime ingredient to target breakouts and balance the production of sebum. Rich in antioxidants, it combats free radicals, which can soothe breakout-induced inflammation and redness. If you’re really looking to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, you can also look to Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil.

Get a better night’s sleep: Thanks to its calming effects, this Bitter Orange Essential Oil can help achieve a better night’s sleep.

Boost your mood: Look no further than Neroli Essential Oil for a simple mood boost. Inhale the powerful scent and breathe in deeply to instantly find your mind more relaxed and soothed.



Sourced from the orange tree in the fruitful climate of the Mediterranean and Africa comes the hero ingredient: Neroli Essential Oil, also known as Bitter Orange Essential Oil. This powerful and curative oil has been used for centuries, for the body, mind and health.



The tale of Princess Nerola: Dating back as far as the 17th century, Neroli Essential Oil has been adored by Italian aristocrats. The Duchess of Bracciano was famed for her use of the Bitter Orange Essential Oil, infusing her gloves with its aroma and adding a few drops to her bath – she loved it so much that she was even hailed as ‘Princess Nerola’.

The oil of romance: Neroli Essential Oil has long been used in weddings because of both its calming properties and its aphrodisiac effects.

Speed is of the essence: Small, white and beautiful to look at, the delicate Neroli flowers are hand-picked and distilled through low-pressure steam; however, it is imperative to move quickly as the petals quickly lose their famous fragrance.


Uplift your skin, body and mind with the abundant benefits of the rejuvenating and balancing Neroli Essential Oil.