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Our all new informative blog, where you can pick up some beauty tips, learn more about holistic therapies and find out what Verity's been up to at the salon lately.

6th September IPL Treatment Day!

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Fed up with waxing and shaving? Intense pulsed light or IPL hair removal provides a quick and painless solution to unwanted hair with a permanent reduction in hair growth that simply can’t be achieved with conventional methods.


How does it work?

Removal of hair using IPL works by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle with quick pulses of light. This light energy converts to heat within the follow down and be unable to produce a new hair.

This process is most effective in the ‘anagen’ phase of hair growth. Approximately 30% of hairs are in this stage of growth at any one time therefore, to achieve the most permanent results a course of treatments is required.

No IPL or laser system will ever achieve 100% permanent results. Normally 6-10 treatments may be needed. Any regrowth hair you do have will be softer and finer.



No damage to the skin surface, therefore no recovery time

Cooling handset means it’s practically painless

Large area can be covered compared with laser

Non invasive

Customised to the individual to get the best results possible

Obstinate hairs become finer, rarer and take longer to grow back

Achieve permanent hair reduction



We are doing a Microdermabrasion and IPL event day on Thursday 6th September.  Its half price to book in that day when you book in two treatments together! We are also offering exclusive offers on courses to be booked from that day onwards! We are also offering people a free consultation and patch test on the 6th! Why not come and get some more information by popping down on the 6th to Beautylicious or booking in!

Before your treatment make sure you have had your patch test!


Our therapists tips for making fake tan last longer

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Here are some tips on how to make your golden colour last for an extra day or two with our 7 tips for boosting the lifespan of your fake tan here at Beautylicious: 

  • ·         Exfoliate before you start. Buff away dead skin cells with an exfoliator a day before your tan to reveal the fresh skin cells beneath. Fake tan will glide much better on your smoother skin and the fresher your skin cells, the longer the life of your tan.
  • ·         Wax instead of shaving. Shaving irritates the skin and dulls a golden tan bit by bit. If you wax 24 before your tan you won’t have to get that razor out for at least a couple of weeks, helping to lengthen the lifespan of your tan and cut down on your morning shower routine.
  • ·         Top up with a gradual tanner. Colour started to fade? Simply apply a gradual tanner over your skin in the same way as you’d use a body moisturiser to deepen your glow for a few more days. The benefit of a gradual tanner is that develops over the course of the day and you don’t have to wash it off like a regular fake tan.
  • ·         Take short showers. Long showers and hot baths will dull your golden glow because they dry out the skin quicker. Opt for quick showers and bypass long swims in chlorinated pools or salty seawater to retain your colour for as long as possible.
  • ·         Use gentle shower gel and soaps. Harsh soaps and cosmetics can strip your skin of its caramel colour. Gentle shower balms will protect your tan and cleanse your skin without lifting away its sun-kissed warmth.
  • ·         Avoid the sauna and steam room. Perspiration can cause an uneven fade off and a patchy looking tan instead of an all-over, seamless glow. Saunas and steam rooms are designed to make you sweat more so definitely avoid them if you want to prolong your tan for a few extra days.
  • ·         Moisture every day! If there’s one rule you should stick to, it’s to moisturise with an oil-free product every day to lock-in your tan. Never miss this step and you’ll be guaranteed of a tan that lasts for at least a week.

What to expect when your having you first wax?

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Is it really going to hurt? Will it be embarrassing? What should I wear? If you’re going for your first ever wax we fully understand if questions like these are running through your mind, but let us clue you up, so you can feel confident and prepared for your treatment.

I don’t know if I can handle the pain of waxing

Intimate waxing, leg waxing and underarm waxing isn’t pain-free but it is bearable and quick – it lasts for only a few minutes and once it’s done you’ll be hair free for up to a month so it’s definitely worth the short-lived discomfort. If you’re concerned about it hurting, here are some tips on how to manage the pain of waxing.

1.      Think about your monthly cycle before booking in for your appointment. Waxing in the run up to your period can often feel more painful than at other times because hormone changes can make the skin feel more sensitive than usual.

2.      Exfoliate your skin a day before your treatment to remove the dead skin cells on the surface and reveal any trapped hairs. Smoother skin will also encourage the wax to glide on better and wrap around individual strands of hair so they can be successfully removed on the first try.

3.      Hold your skin taut during your waxing session to reduce the pain, especially around intimate areas like the bikini line. This will also help your therapist to work faster, again curbing any discomfort and getting the treatment over as quickly as possible.

4.      Keep chatting to your therapist to distract yourself from feeling uncomfortable.

5.      Sometimes a cold compress placed over any painful areas can help to soothe inflammation and immediate soreness.

6.      Ask for lots of after-care balm to be applied to your skin to alleviate discomfort. This is formulated to instantly soothe and soften the skin, post-waxing oils and balms act like healing salves on irritated skin that also reduce infection.

The mild discomfort of waxing is definitely worth it in the end though isn’t it? You get silky smooth hair-free skin for up to a month in return for a treatment that lasts less than an hour. Sounds like the perfect trade off!

What should I wear and where will I get changed?

Wear anything you like to your treatment. However, you might like to bring along a spare pair of knickers in case any wax gets on the one’s you’re wearing (you can keep underwear on for a basic or high bikini line wax but you will have to take them off or move them to one side for a Brazilian or Hollywood). Here’s more on what to wear to a wax. You’ll be given plenty of time to remove your clothing in private and get onto the treatment bed — a towel will be available to cover up any areas you don’t want to reveal.

I’m embarrassed about revealing my body

The embarrassment thing? No therapist will care about how hairy you are. They’ve seen everything from the coarsest leg hair to overgrown bikini lines and shaggy underarms – it’s their job to help you feel comfortable! And after all, if you weren’t hairy they’d be out of a job. As a beauty therapist we have seen every shape and size body and feel comfortable with all different sorts of clients so there is nothing to feel conscience about.

What happens during the treatment?

Your therapist will apply a touch of pre wax oil to your skin if it’s quite dry to help the wax work effectively. Then a thin layer of wax will be applied and a strip smoothed over it to catch your hairs. Your skin will be held taut before the strip is removed to reduce pain and encourage a smoother result.  

Therapists will chat to you as they work to help take your mind off the treatment and it’ll all be over before you know it. A soothing post wax oil or moisturiser will be applied to your legs, underarms or bikini area after your session, which will eliminate any sticky bits so you can put your regular clothes back on as normal.

Don’t be put off the therapist is there to help you with any worries or questions so make sure you ask.

Book in now for waxing with any of our great therapists:

Written by Emily Rose